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Blocks and Corbels

USD$14 to $150

  • Urethane Blocks

Ceiling Medallions

USD$50 to $120

  • Urethanet Medallions


  • Spectis Catalog Page - Balusters and Handrail


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  • Spectis Catalog Page - Medallions

    Displaying a ceiling medallion above your chandelier, ceiling fan, or lighting fixture is a great way to enhance the beauty of your ceiling and add value to your home. Spectis ceiling medallions are designed from a high density polyurethane, so they are lightweight and can be easily installed on your ceiling with nails or adhesive. The ceiling medallions in our catalog range in size from 9 to 40 inches

  • Spectis Catalog Page - Blocks and Brackets

    Blocks & Corbels

    Blocks & Corbels

    We have over 700 Blocks, Brackets and Corbels to choose from. Spectis corbels are made from high density polyurethane and have unique detailed features in many different styles.

    A Corbel by definition is; “A piece jutting out of a wall to carry any super incumbent weight”. Often these pieces of stone were carved with various details to enhance the visual appeal of the exterior or interior of a building.

    Spectis polyurethane corbels are designed to replicate that old world detail work but should not be considered for load bearing applications.

  • Spectis Catalog Page - Columns-Bases-Caps

    Columns & Capitals

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    Columns are the Pilar of all structures.   All of the columns are molded from polyurethane, so they can be used indoors or outside.

    Polyurethane columns need 3 parts to make it complete.

    • Base
    • Column
    • Capital

    Each are sold separate.

    The polyurethane columns can be split in half for a slight fee. Select this in the options if you are using the columns to wrap around a post or structural element.

  • Spectis Catalog Page - Mouldings



    We sell more Moulding than any other product in our catalog.  Whether you need crown moulding in a smooth or rough texture, we should have something that will fit any budget.

    Most Mouldings are 12′ long and can be installed just like wood mouldings.

    Urethane moulding last longer, take paint better and are very pleasing to the eye.

  • Spectis Catalog Page - Louvres


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  • Spectis Catalog Page - Window Headers

    Entrance Systems

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